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Other Applications

Our business background and experience is in the field of the design, development, and construction of scientific instruments. Therefore, measurements and tasks outside of the imaging application are also familiar to our team.
Examples: IMESS, pulse-pressure measurement, a system designed to determine valve parameters and characteristics and ECM, a measurement system to determine electro-chemical characteristics of a material.


IMESS is an application to inspect the valves of turbines in Power Plants. The user can identify the piston stroke in relation to the applied pulse pressure. The system will generate, based on the measurement, the necessary graphics and characteristics which can be compared to the target settings.

IMESS-Bildschirm mit Kennlinienfeld

The IMESS test system is a mobile PC application. The service case consists of a power supply, a pressure sensor, 4 way sensors (incl. the cable harness) and an interface to the PCMCIA drive of the existing PC-notebook.
The IMESS software package, based on Windows, controls the digital collection of data, the processing of the pressure data and position data, generated by the applied sensors.


This ECM application allows the material technician to perform research of electro-chemical parameters on metallic surfaces.

ECM-Bildschirm mit Stromdichte-Potentialkurven

A specially developed probe (manufactured by a 3rd party) is mounted to the test specimen.
A HKM designed and manufactured PCB generates the necessary test potentials and measures the generated current in the test specimen. The current density curves will allow the material technician to obtain information about the corrosion behavior of the material in test.
The ECM-Software is a product developed at HKM.

Please feel free to challenge us with your individual request.

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