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The Prototype Board for Designers of PCIe Hardware & Software Applications

pcie baselab development prototype board

Prototype board with PCI Express single-lane (x1) port:

- PCI Express Specification Revision 1.0 compliant,
- PCI Controller: PEX8311 (Avago / PLX Technology),
- Bus Master Transfer Mode, 2 DMA- Channels,
- universal parallel local Bus Interface, Data: 32/16/8Bit, Addresses: 32Bit,
- Local bus clock: up to 66MHz (feeding from external is possible),
- Daughter boards with large user area and/or SMD-Footprints will be available too.

On board EPLD:

- ispXPLD5000 family (Lattice Semiconductor),
- 768 Macros, 384 Kbit embedded RAM,
- 193 I/Os, 106 available for the user,
- 'in System' programmable (JTAG-Interface),
- pre installed 'glue logic': RAM, 16Bit static I/O Register, FIFO,
- VHDL-Sources included.

Software equipment:

- Driver for Windows7/10,
- Application Programming Interface (API) over Dll,
- useful monitor program for Test and Configuration,
- Application Example Progams with source codes in C.
More Information about Product Software of PCIe-BaseLab at >>Driver Factory.
More Information about PCIe-BaseLab
Download of handbooks for PCIe-BaseLab
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