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PCIe Bus Extender / PCFaceSwitch Software

The PCIe Bus Extender for Designers of PCIe Hardware & Software Applications.

pcie bus extender

The PCIe Bus Extender card makes working on series and prototype boards easier and more convenient.
The use of the Extender speeds up the fault diagnosis of the test hardware and prevents any damage to the respective computer.
The Extender requires a PCI Express x16 slot (e.g. the slot used for the second graphics card) and can be used for all PCIe-card formats (x1, x4, x8, x16). An LED displays all voltages, and the power supply to the test hardware is protected against short-circuiting and overload.
During the interaction with the PCFaceSwitch control program a real 'hot swap' functionality is achieved, i.e., it is possible to plug in or remove the hardware, which is being tested, while the computer is turned on.
By simply pressing a button, the PCFaceSwitch saves the specific configuration data of the PCI hardware and turns the power to the bus extender off. Subsequently, the test hardware can be removed without shutting down or powering off the computer.
Either a manual or automatic mode may be selected:
If selecting the automatic mode, the data of all equipment will be saved and restored at the PCI bus.
If selecting the manual mode, the location of the respective PCIe card can be arbitrarily set (bus, device, or function).
The control program can be operated by using a simply structured user interface or tray symbol.
The PCFaceSwitch comprises a WDM driver as well as a control program.
The driver supports Windows7/10.
The delivery of the PCIe Bus Extender includes:
- the PCIe Bus Extender,
- an adapter for x1, x4, x8 and x16 PCI Express test card interfaces,
- one single-user license for the PCFaceSwitch control software,
- one parallel printer connection cable (required for the control).
For addition information of the PCFaceSwitch control software see
>>Driver Factory.

Download PCFaceSwitch Software and Handbook
Included in delivery / Price:

The listed prices are valid to customers outside of EU area or to foreign commercial customers inside of EU area only. German customers and private customers inside of EU area have to add the German Tax of 19% to all prices. Delivery costs are not included and depends from delivery destination.
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