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The Prototype Board for Designers of PCIe Hardware & Software Applications

pcie baselab development prototype board

PCIe-BaseLab is an indispensable utility tool for the developer of supplementary PC boards and other computer systems, which are equipped with a PCI Express-Bus.
Fast and straight-forward tests of newly developed electronic circuits on this bus system can be performed with this card.
PCIe-BaseLab is already populated with a PCIe Endpoint Controller (PEX8311). Its periphery as well as its powerful and programmable logic device (PLD) are already tested and fully operational.
The PLD (ispXPLD5768, XPLD5000 family, Lattice Semiconductor) contains various pre-installed sample applications:
- synchronous RAM
- 16 Bit static I/O Register.
The VHDL source codes are part of the delivery and can be modified by the user.
Very beneficial for hardware developer and technicians in the measurement technology field:
All local connector pins of the PEX8311 Controller are already connected to the PLD, attached to headers and easily accessible.
106 of the 193 I/O pins of the PLDs are also attached to headers and available to the developer.
Simply connect your oscilloscope or logic analyser and start working!
There are no license fees attached with the use of the PCIe-BaseLab for a PCIe-IP-Core and membership with PCISIG is not required. Sub vendor and subsystem IDs for the identification of your own hardware can be requested from the manufacturer of the PCIe Controllers, free of charge.
Daughter boards are available for the PCIe-BaseLab in different options. Currently available with a 0.1 inch stripboard; in the future also available with universal SMD footprint or as customized design. The latter opens the opportunity to use the PCIe-BaseLab as ready-made module together with customized hardware in small batch or medium size production runs.
The delivery of the PCIe-BaseLab includes a comprehensive technical manual on a CD-ROM, our Software Developer Kit, as well as a power cable for the daughter board.
For additional information about Product Software at PCIe-BaseLab at
>>Driver Factory.
Download of handbooks for PCIe-BaseLab
Included in delivery / Price:

The listed prices are valid to customers outside of EU area or to foreign commercial customers inside of EU area only. German customers and private customers inside of EU area have to add the German Tax of 19% to all prices. Delivery costs are not included and depends from delivery destination.
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