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To place an order please:

1. Send us an eMail and ask about the current pricing and your individual shipping & handling costs, as it is dependent on the current exchange rate. You will find the addresses of our local sales representatives at contact. If you have specific questions about our products, please feel free to contact us, we will reply very shortly and acknowledge your request.
Our current price list you can find here.

2. Select the products, itemize your product package and send us your purchase order through fax or eMail. If your home country is member of the European Union don't forget your VAT-ID (Value Added Tax Identification Number) please.

3. Upon receipt we will return a VAT (Value Added Tax) free invoice to your address by eMail (or FAX).

4. Transfer the funds by electronic money transfer to our bank account, or send us a certified bank check. You'll find on our invoice instructions for the Money Transfer.

5. Upon receipt of your payment we will send the goods to your shipping address.